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DBX 2.0 Readyset Color Type 1


Convenience of 1/10 class but with big 1/8 class excitement!
New generation 18-size engine buggy combines user-friendliness with powerful performance!!

While delivering the user-friendliness and cost benefits of 1/10 class, this machine also packs the performance to match 1/8 class racing buggies. The new DBX 2.0 gets beginners off to a flying start as well as providing an ideal step up to the power of 1/8-class machines with the same long wheelbase and tread as well as 1/8 tires and wheels. The chassis features the 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension and fulltime 4WD drive train expected of a true racing buggy and is optimally balanced with the power of the GXR-18SP engine to deliver scintillating running performance. Whether you’re timing laps around a 1/8 racing circuit or tearing up the local dirt track, the DBX 2.0 puts the adrenalin pumping excitement of real off-road racing performance at your fingertips. As the DBX 2.0 is packaged as a fully assembled Readyset, even beginners can be off and racing with only minimal preparation.

●Enhances the easy-to-use characteristics of the 1/10 class with an even friendlier price.
●Can be fitted with standard 1/8 class wheels and tires.
●Equipped with large capacity oil shocks with dial adjustable chassis height setting.
●Equipped with springs optimized for chassis specifications.
●Powerful digital servos deliver superior controllability.
●Pre-cut printed body finished in vivid color scheme.
●Suspension design features multi-point setting adjustments such as chassis height, camber, tread, front and rear toe-in etc.
●Gear ratio optimized for 1/8 tires.

< ReadySet Contents >
●Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed linkages
●Completed pre-painted body
●Syncro KT-200 Transmitter
※Note) Fuel, AA sized batteries x 8 for R/C system and engine starting tools are all sold separately

< Required for Operation >
●AA sized batteries x 8 for R/C system
●Plug heater
●Batteries for plug heater
●Fuel bottle

< Chassis Technical Data >
・Tread (F/R):246mm
・Gear Ratio:12.88:1
・Weight:2,365g (with body)
・Engine:GXR-18SP with recoil starter


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