Privacy Policy

The consideration of the importance of protection of individual information "Law concerning the protection of personal information" and this privacy policy are observed, and ..customer's privacy protection.. tried.

Definition of individual information

It is information on the customer individual (Hereafter, it is said, "Individual information"), and information that can identify the customer concerned individual like customer's name, address, and telephone number, etc. is pierced. Information to be able to identify the individual by combining with other information and collating it is included.

1.Protection of individual information declaration

Regulations of the handling of all information on externals ..all members.. on the individual (Hereafter, it is said, "Individual information") are provided when the service of safety, safety, and trust is provided for externals all members, and the Ishii Mokei Co,. Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") is tried to protect individual information appropriately.

2.Protection of individual information policy

(1)Our company observes regulations of the Telecommunications Business Law that lies secretly of Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs and the communication and other applicable laws and regulations.

(2)Our company observes the guideline concerning protection of individual information (No.695 of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications notification on August 31, 2004) in the telecommunications industry.

(3)Our company does appropriate management to all handled individual information.

(4)All the people engaged in the business in our company defend various individual information including externals, and answer the trust in all members.

(5)Our company tries for taking a necessary, appropriate safety management measures to prevent the loss of the unlawful computer access to information and information, destruction, falsifications, and the leakages, etc. and the improvement.

3.About the handling of individual information

(1)Specific of purpose of use Our company uses member's acquired name, an address, and individual information on the telephone number etc. for the purpose of the following. The claim on providing with our service, member's personal identification, and the charge, the change, [no] ..stopping.. notifications of [hai] of our service etc. for the inquiry, and our company will use information and various event campaigns of the provided another service for the guide.

(2)Disclosing of individual information After doing the personal identification, our company responds to this when disclosing individual information concerning the self is claimed from the member. Moreover, I will correspond promptly when there is an offer of the correction of the content of individual information etc.

(3)Use and offer of individual information Customer's individual information is acquired within the range necessary to provide service, and it uses within the range of the acquisition purpose and it offers it.

(4)Third party offer Our company discloses individual information to the third party as long as the use of individual information within the range of the acquisition purpose, management by the proper procedure or neither notification of an individual giving information ahead and the purpose of use nor approval is obtained, and assumes the one not offered. However, it is not this in the following cases. The third party offer of individual information that our company does is as follows. ・When compulsion based on establishing this law besides Criminal Procedures Law Article 218(distraint, search, and verification by the warrant) is disposed.

・When the requirement for the indication claim based on Article 4 of the law concerning disclosing the limitation of specific telecommunication labor donor's onus of damage and caller information (indication claim etc. of caller information) is fulfilled.

・When our company judges that there is a necessity for the protection of the life, the body or the property.

4.Inquiry of individual information

Inquiry concerning handling of individual information on our possession as follows, please.

Ishii Mokei Co., Ltd. Sendai head office
〒 982-0807
6-1-10, Yagiyamaminami, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
TEL: 022-243-1711 FAX: 022-243-0294


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