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Inferno ST-RR Evo.2


Command of steering and acceleration is key to Truggy racing victory!!

Even with so many truggy race victories, the Inferno ST maintains its dominance through continuous evolution. The latest and most powerful Truggy evolution is the Inferno ST-RR Evo.2. The word “Truggy” was created from the combination of Truck & Buggy and is a category born from the fusion of stadium truck running power with the high-speed performance of racing buggies. For Truggy success, pursuit of reliability and durability is paramount. The ability to customize settings is also required for the race-winning edge. The RR-Evo.2 achieves this with newly designed front & rear shocks stays that suit high-grip surfaces and optional radio box set with lightweight clutch bell included as standard to boost running power. The tough straight cut bevel gears and small flywheel from the 1/8 buggy world champion MP9 deliver increased reliability while the dial-adjustable big bore shocks allow for precision setting. The low-profile form of the new forward cabin design body combines with the MP9 wing to produce sure-footed rear grip and maneuverability. If you race Truggies to win, the new Inferno ST-RR Evo.2 is the machine that does not compromise on your pursuit of victory.

●3-differential shaft drive full time 4WD Inferno ST-RR Evo.2 is equipped with even more advanced racing specifications.
●Newly designed front & rear shock towers optimize mounting positions for greater compatibility with various surfaces.
●Radio box set moves the CG forward for sharper cornering.
●Lightweight clutch bell delivers superior accelerator response.
●Equipped with M-size dial-adjustable big bore shocks on front and L-size on rear.
●Specially designed aerodynamic body and large MP9 wing produce superior stability and movement.
●Diff gears feature straight cut bevel gears made from special hardened steel.
●Features the same brake disk as Inferno MP9 to deliver awesome braking power and stability.
●Large surface area but lightweight thin mudguards installed on rear suspension arms.
●Lightweight flywheel realizes sharp acceleration.
●Main chassis and aluminum parts are anodized in gun metallic for strength & style.
●Stabilizers and universal joints are installed on front and rear.
●Uses hinge pin with flange and nylon nuts to secure outer side of lower sus. ●Allows for easy removal and maintenance.
●Strength and rigidity of 7075-grade Duralumin shock stays provide reliability against the big shocks from the jump landings.
●Large bumper provides protection for the front suspension holders and lower arm plate.
●Compatible with many optional parts for the Inferno series.

< Required for operation >
●R/C System: 2-ch, 2-servo R/C for cars
●Engine: 21~28 class (P shaft type) engine with rear exiting exhaust
●Manifold and tuned muffler
●Wheels and tires with sponge inserts
●Shock oil
●Diff oil
●Fuel, engine starting tools
●Paint for body
●Batteries for R/C system
●Air cleaner oil (No.96176 HG)
●Chassis Technic

< Chassis Technical Data >
・Tread (F/R):353mm / 353mm
・Gear Ratio:16.54:1
・Weight:3,750g (approx.)
・Engine:P shaft spec 21-28 class (sold separately)


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