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RC TRF102 Chassis Kit - TRF102 Black Edition

What is FULL SET for electric car?

Cool Coordinated Monochrome
This black edition of the high performance TRF102 chassis kit gives the aluminum parts a black anodized finish for a cool, coordinated monochrome look. The 2WD formula chassis employs front independent kingpin coil-sprung suspension, plus a rear T-bar setup with roll point ball and pitch shaft for completely independent roll and pitch control, and superior road holding. Slits on either side of the 2.5mm-thick carbon fiber lower deck enhance its flexibility, which is maximized by the float mounting of the battery on the 2.0mm-thick carbon fiber upper deck. The servo is secured with an aluminum mount and carbon fiber bridge. Greater overall suspension stroke leads to smooth, stable handling. The motor mount allows adjustment of rear wing height.

【 Featured Components 】
●Carbon Fiber Lower Deck (2.5mm thick)
●Carbon Fiber Upper Deck (2mm thick)
●Carbon Fiber Upper Brace (2.5mm thick)
●Carbon Fiber Lower Brace (2.5mm thick)
●Carbon Fiber Rear Bulkhead (2.0mm thick)
●Aluminum Servo Mount (Black)
●Aluminum Motor Mount (Black)
●TRF Damper
●F104 Low-Friction Suspension Ball Set (Item 54161)
●F104 Adjustable Metal Upright Set
●Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)
●Integrated Carbon Diff Plate & Rear Shaft
●Reinforced Front Suspension Arms
●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts (Black)
●04 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (24T)
●Tungsten Diff Balls
●Front Springs (3 Types)

【 Specifications 】
●Chassis Length: 337mm 
●Wheelbase: 270mm
●Carbon Double-Deck Frame
●Rear Direct Drive 2WD
●Ball Differential
●Symmetrical Steering Tie Rods
●Suspension: Kingpin Coil Spring (L/R independent) (Front), T-Bar (utilizing roll point ball and pitch shaft) (Rear)
●TRF Damper & High-Efficiency Roll Damper
●Gear Ratio = 4.00:1 (when used with kit-included 96T Spur and 24T Pinion) ●Requires Motor and Electronic Speed Controller (Sold Separately)

【 Separately Required Items 】
●Front/Rear Wings
●2-channel R/C system with ESC
●Batteries for transmitter
●Battery Pack and Charger


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